Monday, September 16, 2013

Bintulu Golf Course - 2nd nine (Hole 17)

View of Hole 17, taken on 22 February 1987

View of Hole 17, taken on 16 September 2013.
One of my adventures in life is in my involvement in the planing, construction, planting and maintenance of the Bintulu Golf Course.  The top picture was taken in 1987 when the earthworks for Hole 17 was still in progress.  Today I took another look at the location where I stood before to see how the place look at present.  The fairway of Axonopus compressus grass looks nicely cut and well grown with lots of greenery especially at the backdrop of the green.  The right slope is well landscaped with large and medium-sized trees.  Note the pencil-like trees on the left which are the Mast tree or 'Mempisang' (Polyalthia longifolia).  For more stories about the early beginnings of the course, check it out in my blog here ...>>>