Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The old Bintulu Airport building - 1990.

Bintulu Airport building main entrance as viewed from the car parking area
Picture taken in 1990
 The old Bintulu Airport was very unique because it was located right in the middle of the Bintulu town.  In 2003, its flight operations ceased and travel in and out of Bintulu by air was shifted to a new location some 23 kilometers away south of the existing town.  Despite its small size the building served Bintulu well during the first boom (1979-1983), second boom  (1998-2000) and third economic boom (2003-2009).  Currently Bintulu is in its fourth economic boom period (2010 - present) and the new airport seems to be meeting Bintulu's flight frequencies and aircrafts. 
Site of former Bintulu Airport building is empty.  In 2003, the airport operations using the old Bintulu airport ceased.  All commercial flights to and from Bintulu since then were moved to new Bintulu Airport site, some 23 kilometers south from the Bintulu town center.
Above picture taken on 21 September,2014.
 The old Bintulu airport is now used for various activities and functions like food and fun fairs, festivals and  exhibition arena.  Below are pictures showing passengers leaving the departure lounge and the bottom picture shows returning pilgrims from Mecca.
Passengers walking to tarmac from departure lounge, circa early 70's

Haj pilgrims being welcomed and paraded from tarmac to airport building,
circa early 70's

Monday, September 22, 2014

From aerial photo to satellite image - Roundabout 1 - 3

For more story about the development of Bintulu's first major roundabouts i.e. Roundabout One to Three (R1-R3) please go to my posting in another blog here

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sungai Likau in 1988

Aerial photo of Sungai Likau taken in 1988
(Taken while flying over the place on a commercial flight)
 In 1988 Sungai Likau was a remote place from Bintulu.  The place was totally isolated from Bintulu except by sea.  Between 1988-1992, I was very much involved with the development of tourist facilities at the place i.e. coordinating the project on behalf of the Sarawak Forestry Department.  The project was divided into two phases and involved the construction of office complex, changing room/toilet, jetty, chalets, picnic/day shelters, canteen, hostel, staff quarters, high level water tank and footpath.  Most of the clearing works were done in 1989-90, with the facilities construction done between 1991-1992.  During the construction the only access was by sea.  Only upon completion of the project was the road from Tanjong Kidurong  completed.  To have a glimpse of my traveling adventure to Sungai Likau, please follow this link ....>>>http://mysarawak2.blogspot.com/2014/09/once-there-was-speedboat.html
Satellite image of Sungai Likau in 2012
The road link from Tanjong Kidurong is partly seen in middle of picture (right to left).
Sungai Likau is at the entrance to the Similajau National Park and site of the various tourist facilities.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Bintulu town into the Third Boom

The urban extent of Bintulu town in early 60's when it was just a sleepy coastal town.
The government quarters are seen at the top left corner.  The grassed airport strip is partly seen at top right hand corner.
The jetties and wharves are seen at bottom part of the picture.
(Photo credit : Dunstan Teo)

Overall view of Bintulu town during the Third Boom (2003-2009)
Picture shows the tar-sealed airport runaway separating the southern and northern part (top of picture)  of Bintulu town.
Photo taken in 2003.
To have a glimpse of the life and conditions of Bintulu town in the 1960's please follow this link...>>>http://www.theborneopost.com/2014/09/16/reminiscing-the-old-bintulu/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+theborneopost%2FeZwo+%28BorneoPost+Online+|+Borneo+%2C+Malaysia%2C+Sarawak+Daily+News+%C2%BB+Sarawak%29