Friday, July 28, 2023

New Flyover over the former Roundabout One/Traffic Lights Junction

The Roundabout One in the 1980's have faced many transformation,  an indication of the rapid development of Bintulu town since its first boom days.
In 2014 the Roundabout One was turned into a Traffic Lights Junction.
Today, the site is witnessing a major transformation as a flyover is under construction above the traffic light junction.
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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Roundabout 3 Before, Major Traffic Lights Junction Now

In 1990, Bintulu had its biggest roundabout at KM 5, Bintulu- Miri Road. The Roundabout was plainly called Roundabout 3. At a corner of the roundabout was located JKR's temporary stock pile area for road and infrastructure construction materials.  An indoor badminton stadium was also built at one end of the state land on which the two facilities were built.

Looking at the place today, the changes is beyond recognition.  That site has been taken up by commercial buildings development undertaken by the private sector.

As at the point of writing the commercial shophouses are ready for occupation.  

As Bintulu moved into its Millenial Growth Era ( i.e. after its last fourth boom) and starting in 2016, the town remains the brightest star in its capacity as Sarawak's prime example of rapid physical development,  socio-economic progress, urban population growth and proper town planning.

Date taken : September, 2021.

Date taken : August, 1990.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Recent Developments around the former Roundabout 3

View of Roundabout 3, at KM 5, Bintulu-Miri Road circa mid 80's.

Aerial view of Roundabout 3
Much have changed in the infrastructure developments around the former Roundabout 3.  The area is about 5 km from Bintulu town.  Today, we see mammoth signboards giving it an ultra urban look.  The roundabout has been turned into a traffic lights junction. The latest development can be seen at right of the picture below.  Many blocks of 3 and 4-storey shop houses have been completed, though not yet occupied at the point of writing.  The main site of the shop houses was previously  JKR's temporary stock pile area and an indoor badminton building was situated there too.
As Bintulu moved into its Millenial Era ( after its last fourth boom) and starting in 2016, it remains the brightest star in its capacity as Sarawak's prime example of rapid physical development,  socio-economic progress, urban population growth and proper town planning.

View of recent development around the former Roundabout 3, now Traffic Lights Junction at KM 5 Bintulu- Miri Road.
Date taken : 30 June,2021.

Date taken : 30 June,2021.
Camera: Redmi 9A h/p.


Monday, July 29, 2019

Site of Kuala Kemena Bridge

Silica sand wharf and jetty - used in the 60's - 70's will become the site of the proposed new bridge linking Bintulu town and Jepak village.

Site of earth-breaking ceremony, 22 July'19.
On 22 July I had the opportunity to observe the earth-breaking ceremony for the proposed new bridge to be erected at the mouth of the Kemena River, which has the Bintulu town on its right bank and Jepak on its left bank as it nears the sea. The right side of the bank where the ceremony happened was formerly the site of a silica sand wharf and jetty used in the 60's to 70's. The cable-stayed bridge structure is expected to be completed in 48 months at a cost of RM 467 million and financed by the Sarawak state coffers. The earth-breaking ceremony was performed by the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg. It is the first time I see the Chief Minister speaking in a very confidant mastery style even though the speech was in Bahasa Serawak (or Sarawak Malay). He was in his elements and his manner of speaking was almost akin to the late Tok Nan whose straight- talking style invariably captivated the imagination and hearts of the peoples of Sarawak. With the completion of the bridge the total traveling distance to reach Bintulu town from the airport would be shortened to 6km from 20 km presently.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Taman Tumbina 30 years ago.

One of Bintulu's signature attraction is the Taman Tumbina. It is a combination of a zoological park and a botanical park. Thus it derived its name from two Malay words - TUMBINA = TUMBuhan (Plants) + BINAtang (Animals). Construction works by the developer of the project - BDA (Bintulu Development Authority) started in earnest in 1989 and the place was opened to the public in 1991.
Here are timeline combo pictures to recall the difference 30 years ago.