Thursday, April 13, 2017

Main Bazaar road towards the Kemena River in 1975

Main Bazaar Road in 1975
Seen are students from BGSS (Bintulu Government Secondary School) walking along Main Bazaar road as part of the activities in conjunction with Prophet's Mohammad's Birthday celebration in 1975.  In the background is partly seen the low-lying areas along the banks of the Kemena River with very few building structures. 

View of Main Bazaar road today, 9 April'17. The picture shows the road leading out of town.
The twin market building in the background houses the 'Pasar Utama' and in the far background is seen a similar building that houses the 'Tamu'.  Both have the architectural look of local Melanau sun-hat called the 'Terendak'.
The architecture of the market was inspired from the local Melanau sun-hat called the "Terendak". The Main Bazaar road now functions as a four-lane one way street with ample car parking spaces on both sides. Towards the left of the picture is partly seen a large open space for public activities, show, fairs and public assembly area.  

Bintulu's biggest public park in 1966

Parade in conjunction with Agong's birthday, 8 June'66
Photo credit : Patt Taylor Bader

View of the public space and garden today, 9 April'17.
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