Friday, September 19, 2014

Sungai Likau in 1988

Aerial photo of Sungai Likau taken in 1988
(Taken while flying over the place on a commercial flight)
 In 1988 Sungai Likau was a remote place from Bintulu.  The place was totally isolated from Bintulu except by sea.  Between 1988-1992, I was very much involved with the development of tourist facilities at the place i.e. coordinating the project on behalf of the Sarawak Forestry Department.  The project was divided into two phases and involved the construction of office complex, changing room/toilet, jetty, chalets, picnic/day shelters, canteen, hostel, staff quarters, high level water tank and footpath.  Most of the clearing works were done in 1989-90, with the facilities construction done between 1991-1992.  During the construction the only access was by sea.  Only upon completion of the project was the road from Tanjong Kidurong  completed.  To have a glimpse of my traveling adventure to Sungai Likau, please follow this link ....>>>
Satellite image of Sungai Likau in 2012
The road link from Tanjong Kidurong is partly seen in middle of picture (right to left).
Sungai Likau is at the entrance to the Similajau National Park and site of the various tourist facilities.