Saturday, January 1, 2011

Roundabout 3 - 1984

Date taken : 1984 ( Colour photo)
In the early 1980's when Bintulu was beginning to open up its hinterland, there was a need to disperse traffic coming in and out of town in an orderly fashion. This roundabout was called R 3 ( Roundabout 3) and is about three miles from the Bintulu town. Looking straight to the far background is the Bintulu - Miri highway. The road towards the left of the picture leads to Tanjung Kidurong, a new satellite township provided with modern facilities, a new deep-water port and a new heavy industrialised zone area to cater for oil and gas business. The picture also shows a worker in the process of planting the roundabout with cow grass ( Axonopus compressus) which became the standard turf for the landscaping of Bintulu roundabouts, traffic islands, road medians and road shoulders. Note the permanent structure on the top right of the picture. This building was and still is today the Headquarters of the Police Department in Bintulu.

Date taken : 1 Jan'11 ( Digital - Sony Cyber-shot)
Today, Bintulu boasts of a city image with over-sized advertising board. The board stands right in the midst of a traffic island of a traffic junction nearby that replaces the old roundabout after having lived its useful life. But alas, the CELCOM advertising board appears alien amidst Bintulu's greenery and clean image.